Infinity Square/Space

The prototype of the game is open source. Version 1.0

Round usurpers invaded a square space. Round usurpers destroyed most of the square inhabitants and square guards. You are one of the surviving square guards. Save your square brothers and free square space!

Features: infinite procedurally generated world, almost complete destructible of everything, a very large number of NPCs (up to 1000 in one star system), battles involving hundreds of NPC, gravity is an important game element.

This prototype of the game is completely playable, but nevertheless, this is not a complete game. The source contains all the tools for the development of the game, but you need the above-average programming skill. 

Sources -

In the WEB version there are some limitations with performance and there is an excessive Input Lag. These problems occur on the browser side and I cannot overcome them. I recommend lowering the graphics in the settings, or play a standalone version. In the Standalone version, all of the above problems are missing.

Standalone version -


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The No Man's Sky of cubic planets (no 100% all), It has a fantastic abstract and minimalist universe, there are even small planets and asteroids that orbit around black holes. The controls of the WebGL version are the ones that leave something to be desired.

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Alas, Webgl has many limitations and much lower performance than standalone programs. Try the standalone version.

Thanks, but I already played the standalone version.